Blinding bloom while driving.

The same old strange bloom all in my face!
It's been around since game release and I've experienced it on my 2080 ti, now with all the latest patches and drivers, same issue on 4070ti (granted, game runs very well on highest settings otherwise).

Specifically, the issue is during the day you can get completely blinded by the light. In the City issue less apparent, but in badlands it's just hurts...

From a bit of experimenting with settings - nothing helped, there are no other visual artifacts or glitches present.
What's sad yet amusing about it - simply looking slightly higher than you would normally (as per the screenshot 2) the issue disappears. Unfortunately "looking slightly higher" is an option only in a few cars, as in most of them view is blocked by the car's roof.

Submitted the issue to support for now.

2023-10-03_0012_1.png 2023-10-03_0012_2.png
100% Agree (both on a 3080 and 4080, and both using RTX to the max they can support). Sometimes it can also blinds you when walking in some dark areas, depending on where you look outside. Very problematic and immersive breaker when driving by day.
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