(Bug) 2.1 - TVs in elevators and other locations not working with a new game

While the tv screens in my game that has started from before updating to 2.1 works flawless with the update, in a new game started with 2.1 the TVs stays black and silent.

No mods or save editing, anyone else has seen this?

Edit: I think I figured it out, it's an old bug. The mission "The Ripperdoc" seems to deactivate all TVs (wtf?). If you immediately head to Dex DeShawn after finishing "The Ripperdoc" and start "The Ride", the TVs seems to not have enough time to upate, and will stay black after finishing "The Ride". Just wandering around and checking the screens tuning in again before getting into the car prevents the bug.

Will send a bugreport to CDPR.
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