[Bug] After completing You know my Name

So, this is a very minor one, That I'm assuming has any easy fix for the player, although I haven't actually tried it yet, and will update tomorrow/later after I play a little more.

But after completing the mission "You Know My Name" The inventory glitched a little when I went to take off the unique suit for the mission, first it showed both my "Wardrobe Outfit" and the gear I was wearing sort of overlapping each other. That then corrected itself, and was showing the correct outfit, but V's hair was now completely black, not like glitchy black, but like it defaulted to the dark black hair color option.

Overall, nothing major, maybe even a little funny or quirky, and I'm guessing it can be fixed by simply using the change appearance feature and selecting the correct hair color. But still I thought it was worth mentioning, Of course, if I'm unable to change the hair color back I'll post the update and follow up with support officially as well, just thought it was kinda interesting and deserved a share here.

UPDATE: For anyone who cares.... The bug seems to have fixed itself just by loading in, similarly to other bugs I've run into a Quick save and load should fix this if anyone else runs into it.
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