[Bug]Can't loot luggage with disguise during the quest, "Killing Moon"

No prompts pop up, the person over the "radio" mentions what's in there, V mentions what's in there, I can clearly see that it's meant to be looted, with the little dot emblem over it...but I can't loot it. Guess I'm forced to rely on the Optical Camo for this until this is patched?
Yeah, I couldn't loot it either at first. Just reload your last save before you put in the code for it and you should be able to pick it up, eventually. Common bug with this game that's been there since launch, honestly. Be warned though, there's a chance the outfit will get stuck in your inventory with a quest marker, so just be aware of that. The disguise isn't at all required to do the mission.
There is a „chance“ it gets stuck? It got stuck on all my chars since PL release - same with Aguilar Outfit <.<
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