[BUG] Coin Operated Boy (Spoilers) v1.2

Screenshot (60).png

While doing the mission Coin Operated Boy , after talking to the mechanic/shopkeeper and the (vending machine) BRENDAN, the task becomes to talk to Theo but if I wish to drive to her by bike or car my character starts going on the yellow line of the mini-map(way-point line) and the line does not disappear. When I reach the destination Theo is not there and the mission becomes impossible to complete. The only way to avoid this is to fast-travel there or else the bug keeps happening in 1.2
Oh at least on my ps4 which is the first time I did this quest after 1.2 I rode my bike to the shop, and fast traveled back. Theo was there and I completed the quest but Spray Paint showed back up in my side jobs
I somehow missed the graffiti mission jumped to the end. I wish he got a better ending but I guess that’s forshadowing for you
I had no problems solving this mission, except that I had to reload my save-game at least 4 times to make sure that there really was no way to save him. After having exhausted every dialogue option, having scanned the room for items to interact with. I tried to click everywhere on the computer and I even went as far as trying to shoot the computer and cut the cables connecting him to it to try and interrupt the update process.

So sad...
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