[BUG] I thank T-Bug for helping at scav haunt?

I am doing a post-1.5 replay, and I just noticed that V has a dialog option to thank T-Bug for her help at the scav haunt, presumably from the part of the quest to retrieve the flathead.

T-Bug literally does nothing that entire mission. Why is this an option?
She's guiding you and Jackie to the target, helps you figure out how to fix the bio-mon so it'll call Trauma. She's a part of the mission, even if not physically there.
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It's not this quest at all ;)
It's about the very first quest > The Rescue
Where Jackie and V, guided by T-Bug break through the scavs hideout to save Sandra Dorsett (a GIG for Wakako).

The Pick Up (where V get the flathead), it's maelstromers anyway :)
Ah, yeah, scavs vs maelstromers. Feels weird that V'd be thanking her for that other job at this point, so my brain just did an auto-correct. Thanks!
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