[BUG] Key configurations limited, Pick up body key missing.


Attaching images of configurations that can't be changed the way I need them to be changed.

Also : Pick up a body key is missing in configuration.

2024-04-04 11_54_20-Cyberpunk 2077 (C) 2020 by CD Projekt RED.png

2024-04-04 11_50_21-Cyberpunk 2077 (C) 2020 by CD Projekt RED.png

Sorry for frustration, but this game controls are very complex, how hard it can be to make key mappings work? I expected better from CD red...

Is this something that is planed to be fixed? or should I just refund the game.

(PS: I have no ability to modify installation files, I am running game from virtual machine on G-force now.)

Thank you for your time.
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