Bug: Riders on the Storm (Find a safe way out)

So, it appears that if I have the technical abilities required to open the gate near the NPC I have to save which leads me to a safe way out of the Wraiths' base, the game does not acknowledge that! But, if I turn around and use the same path I go into the room to save the required NPC to progress through this quest, then the game will ask me to "Get in the back of the van". I used a different save data where I didn't step inside the whole area yet to see if that could trigger the bug again, and it happened anyway.

Now I am curious to know if I am the only one who ran into this exact same bug.

Screenshot (276).png
Same here.... I tried everything for about 15 minutes - including other passages or loading different save games. First, it would not acklowledge that I found the safe way out. Even when exiting the tunnel, it would not acklowledge that you left the facility, which makes you stuck. Ignoring this, I was running in a circle to the van and it would not offer me any ways to enter it. However, you can throw a grenade infront of you when you are inside the tunnel. This will move the game to combat mode. When you exit the tunnel, the van is already there and you can move along. It was no problem to enter it this way.
I found that the bug for going in and out through the sewer pipe can be fixed by walking up to ground level both times. Basically the first time you go through the pipe , walk past Saul, go to up the stairs and double back to Saul . Then to get out through the pipe, you go up that stairs, than back down to the pipe, then the van will be waiting at the end of the pipe and you can skip the whole car chase part. You also get a slightly different dialogue. ( see pics for proof)
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