Can't play game from Xbox Series X to Xbox One

this is a bummer. I visited my brother for his birthday and played my file on his Xbox Series X as I have a Xbox One. I'm about 70 hours into the game and i can't load my file because "The file was saved on a newer version of the game". I'm mind-blown how I can't play this game (my file) at home on my Xbox One anymore. My file version is 1.61 from my Xbox One as i see the newer saved data as 1.63 from the Xbox Series X.
My brother offered to send his Xbox Series X over to me so i can finish the game, but this is a huge turn off for me. i should've known better, but i didn't see this coming. all the fancy talk of seemless cross-platform data transfers and shares has left out the critical detail that YOU CAN'T GO BACK once you've used "Smart Delivery" to a newer gen console. i'm still trying to figure out how to revert, but i can't imagine how it'd be possible. i'm super bummed.

i wish you all well
For what it's worth, they clearly stated when the last patch for "Previous Gen" was, I think 1.61 was officially listed as the final patch for older consoles and they repeatedly said the game would not be supported on older consoles moving forward.

Be warned now, the expansion and all future patches are not coming to older consoles so If you had any interest in them, you would need a next gen console or the PC version of the game.
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