Car customization is back? Or a little bit of it?

I do hope so too. My guess is that car customization was making the game buggy/unstable, so they initially removed it. Then at a later time when the game has matured enough, they'll add it back in as a form of free DLC.
No it wasn't said outright but was implied it was going to take a lot longer to implement properly than they had to devote to it. Car customization is a major system and to do it right and to same level of detail they have gone to for cars you talking months if not a year or more of dedicated work, and who knows how much money to research the exact sound changes to cars when each part in the engine is changed. They arent going to half ass it like rockstar did in gta and just have one universal engine sound
If you want a specific outward aesthetic, it seems like you'll nee to sit around and watch for one you can steal or go hunting either in the streets or by word of your fixer. I'm not wholly opposed. Kinda sucks, but maybe down the line as one of the free DLC they might add things like customization for vehicles (at a price), wall running, the tram, etc.
I found like THE perfect version of a Mizutani for me.


I want to own that. :(
The new Cyberpunk 2077 Rides of the Dark Future has a lot of new and interesting details about the cars in CP2077. One thing that caught my attention were the words exchangeable parts and tuning. CDprojek Red stated that car customization was removed from the game, but maybe they re-added it back in or at-least some of it?

In the video at the time stamp, the narrator says the following, "Their powerful engines and exchangeable parts make them perfect for tuning." Is this some sort of hint that car customization is back in? It would seem kinda pointless to mention tuning and exchangeable parts, if you could not do those in game.

who needs a car when fast travel and flat out running are faster and sometimes easier than trying to navigate using a janky GPS on narrow streets with dumbass NPCs driving on them. there's no need for customization, driving mechanics was a complete afterthought in this game.
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