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Perhaps a medallion? I hope we will get more canonical, circular ones. Sth like the one below.

I honestly cant wait to be able to directly support CDPR by buying things from this store. They have earned my respect and I cant wait to see how bankrupt I will be in the future. I hope there is concept art books and digital ones to use in a digital photo frame or even selling digital photo frames with any and all art from the game rendered in engine.
I want this on a shirt. Just because of the absurdity.

Granola bars that explodes yo face off...part of this complete breakfast.

I hope it's not all stupid t-shirts and amulets, I want something more exciting than that.

Like an airsoft gun of V's pistol.

EDIT: And something tasteful, for my office.
Just what Snowflakez said , i want a School Of The Wolf necklace so i can go outside and say " The winds Howling "

Those actually exist, as officially-licensed products.

I bought a Bear School medallion a while ago, I loved it and wore it everywhere (seem to have lost it now, sadly).

But yes, that's the sort of thing I'd want to see.
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