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Connection Problems on XBOX

Ever since the last update I get a lost connection on every second play. The behavior is different than before the update was applied.
Before the game would detect a lost connection, the counter would stop and when the connection was re-established the counter would start where the connection broke. Now, the game doesn't allow you to do anything and the counter keeps counting down. Then at some point (usually when the counter is almost done) you get a lost connection error message. Then when the connection gets re-established you stuck having little time to play a card, mulligan, etc. whatever you were trying to do.

The most annoying is that it doesn't seem to be random anymore, it's every second play during game play (either during the opponent's or your own turn)

Is anybody else experiencing this?
Is anybody else experiencing this?
Yep, I have the same problem and haven't experienced this before the patch. When I had connection problems, the timer would stop and I had to wait until the connection is re-established.

In my case, when it's my turn, I just cannot play any card. I can highlight my cards, but I can't put any of them on the table. I have to wait for 15-30 seconds and then the "Lost connection" message pops out for a second or two, and the game "unfreezes", but I have little time to play.

The more games I play, the problem occurs more frequently. Sometimes the "Lost connection" message does not disappear and I lose the game.

I noticed that restarting the game helps, but after 10-15 games the problem occurs again.
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This issue has been affecting every game I play on my console since CC dropped, lost 2 matches due to issue and my internet connection is exceptional. PC performance is perfect when I checked to see if it was something connection related.
Any fix I can try on my end cdpr?
So my old problem was that I would lose games from connection issues when I am clearly about to win. The game is almost over and then boom connection dropped the other guy wins. NOW the same thing happens except the game is a draw. Thanks for not giving me a friggin loss CDPR but this is still a really big problem. I don't spend 20 minutes on a game just to not get the win because of something wrong with your game.

I"m sick of making tickets on these issues. Over and over and over