Countdown to The Dark Future - A Year of Cyberpunk Lore

Compiled here are the links to the month-by-month Lore threads from R.Talsorian, makers of the Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk RED Table Top RPG games, to which 2077 is the (Computer RPG) sequel. Each month covers a variety of topics from the Lore of Cyberpunk - from the past, know your future!

January : SAMURAI, Night City, Trauma Team and Cyberware to Full Conversion Borgs.

February : Bars, travel and Megacorps.

March : Combat Zones, Restaurants and Icons of Cyberpunk.

April : Gangs, Cyberweapons and Night City Police Department.

May : Cyberpunk Imagery, U.S. History and the Net and Micro-corps.

June : Vehicles, Nomads, Soulkiller and ALT.

July : Night City Burbs, Neat Tech, Bioware, Exotics, Clones, Cannibals and MONEY.

August : The Timeline, 1990-2012 and the Cyberpunk Creators.

September: The Fourth Corporate War. After this, everything changed.

October: Gear, Timeline, Vidshows, Full Borgs and more!

November: Famous Solos, Cyberanimals, 2020-2045 Timeline and Famous Media Figures

December: Slang, Actual Plays, NC 2045, Quotes from TT, CJ and Rache
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