CP v2.12 - GOG Overlay missing, Achievements doesn't work

After the last update 2.11 to 2.12 seems that GOG overlay doesn't work anymore. What's worse I discovered that although I made a progress with Phantom Story, I didn't get any new achievements since last update. I presume that not working achievement's can have something to do with missing GOG overlay.

After 2.12 also changed launching of CP from GOG launcher. Till 2.11 when I pressed "Play" button in launcher, I could launch the game directly. After 2.12 when I hit "Play", it shows me another launcher (?! so called prelauncher) and then I need to press "Play" again. Beside that, prelauncher incorrect shows that I don't have Phantom Liberty,

But the biggest pain are missing achievements. Any idea how bring them back or we need to wait for another update?
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