Crazy Idea - LEGO CP2077

So, I'm in the LEGO store at Legoland NY and I'm looking at Star Wars, Mario, Marvel superheroes, etc. sets, and I say to myself... You know, a LEGO Basilisk or Jen Rawley would be kind of cool...

Could have LEGO V's, Jackie, Panam, Judy, etc.

I like the idea but the game is super adult!!
Yep, that's the main issue.
But, a "giant" LEGO technic Basilisk (or Smasher) should be cool to build (at least for mature audience) :)

Have you seen the LEGO kits today? They're not just for kids - I mean, unless you know of parents that will drop $800 USD on the AT-AT or big Falcon kits. I mean, my wife does as a family Christmas build, but she's also a little nuts, so.....

But that's fine.. *sulks*... **searches thingiverse** 3D printer goes whirrrrr... Time to fire up Johnny Mnemonic and paint some minis....
LEGO has an extremely irritating policy that is harmful to both us customers and the company. We have already had examples of how LEGO's anti-war policy works to their detriment, for example in the case of the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey set.

However, the appearance of Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn indicates that LEGO is slowly movingthe line and in about 5-10 years they may finally adapt more to the needs of customers, but for now, although like the LEGO Warhammer series, LEGO Cyberpunk 2077 or LEGO Witcher would be a very desirable series, the best thing we can do now is to smuggle projects similar to what we would like to buy as part of the LEGO Ideas initiative, organize raids to support them and, when LEGO releases a given set, modify it to make it what we wanted.

For example:
LEGO IDEAS - Fantasy Role Play Minifigure Stands
The project linked to above contains a huge bone monster that looks almost like a leshen from Witcher 3. In addition, you will find dioramas containing elements in shades of green and brown, which can be used to replace some of the white monster's elements to make it more "woody". If you cut out some torn clothes from brown material and bought only this set, it would be possible to build a diorama with a half-meter high statue of a leshen. Likewise, you can try to smuggle in some CP2077-themed projects.

The only problem is that you need to collect ten thousand votes for a given project in time. It may seem like almost nothing considering the size of the fandom, but anyone who has ever tried to encourage the fandom to take part in some action probably knows how lazy people are.

I, myself, wrote a post in seventeen groups asking for support for the project with leshen, because I want its author to be able to promote this set, but even though the post was apparently viewed by hundreds of people, since I made these posts, the number of votes increased by less than 30.

If any of you will design something and submit it on LEGO Ideas, let me know here, me and my friends will support you with our votes ;)
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