Cyberpsycho Sighting Demons of War not activating in Act I?

For Act I, are there supposed to be four or five cyberpsycho missions? I though Demons of War was supposed to be in Act I but it never shows up. The other four missions are playable. I even started a another new game to check and only four cyberpsycho missions were available. Could this be a bug? For clarity I haven't done the All Foods and Heist missions yet. I've just done the gigs and cyberpsycho missions.
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I thnik ist is a bug. I have cleared all missions and quests and have only one psycho left, but no mapmarker for. I was searching for some guides and found out that this one is the one witch is left. but again no marker. i can start the mission on the point where it need to be but i can't clear it. (Spoiler) I can use the Laptop, read the massenges but nothing happens. The Laptop massenges are the exitpoint so i can't clear the mission, it's very frustrating (last time i played and cleared was on V1.5/1.63)
In my experience, Demons of War doesn't unlock until after you complete The Pickup mission (Maelstrom/All Foods). My guess is that CDPR didn't want to distract you with all of the gunfire while you're talking to Meredith (who is below that area). I don't know if it immediately unlocks after completing the Pickup, but I know it doesn't appear until after that quest has been completed.

Now, if you're in Act 2 or beyond and it still hasn't been unlocked, then that is definitely bugged. Sometimes you can bug out certain missions if you go to the area and interact with mission-related objects before the quest has been unlocked.
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