I found this data-shard in a back room at 'All-Foods':


If I'm reading this correctly

It says Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook

If we are playing 'a game' by the rules, then why not let the rules be defined by anyone playing the game?

In basic terms, I should be able to break the rules of the game, with attitude and style.

However, I cant. All the quantities in the game are fixed. Even clothing and guns are set quantities.

And then there's underwear-gate....

So the rulebook that says "break the rules" in a game that has set rules, is a bit insane from my perspective. -w
I haven't played 2020 but its alot easier to break the rules of a pen and paper rpg than it is in videogame. Having said that you do have the option to cheat in 2077 by for example getting the $4k painting and then ripping off ever Dropbox and vendor in sight so you can buy whatever you want.

Also this shard seems to suggest not being a net runner but instead just charge into every situation guns blazing which is fun but its also fun to sneak around.

Also they are being kinda cute with this. I think this is just a wink and nod to the original game.
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