Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Disc Upgrade only run as Trial Version

I bought Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Disc and easily upgraded this for PS5 version in 2022.

Today, after more than 540 hours of gameplay, it simply became “Trial Version”. Previously it only happens if I run the game without the disc. But now, even though the PS4 disc is inserted into PS5, the game runs as a trial and the timer is running out, so it kicks me out and offers me to buy the full version.

Today I contacted PSN support twice and tried everything they suggested. Unsuccessfully...

- Restore console factory settings
- Clean cache
- Rebuild database
- Disable and Enable Offline Console Game Sharing
- Restore licenses
- Reinstal the game

They checked my PSN account for any errors, but apparently everything is fine.
The Disc CUSA code matches with my PSN account region. CUSA: 16597 / 16596 (North and South America) and my account is Brazillian.

Later in a second contact, other PSN support agent tried even to delete the license from my PSN account so I could to “buy” it again. But it didn't work either.

After all they told me that they can't do anything else and that I should contact CD Projekt Red support. So here I'm...

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Not sure, I'm not familiar with Playstation, but I remember someone which have issue to update the game on PS5.
Update: i may have found a solution: i went to the pre-order screen and clicked on the DLC then i pressed on view game and it was there for free
Also check the process suggested by CDPR (in order to update your game, you have to use the "data disc" and not the "play disc".)
  1. In order to download the next-gen update, make sure you have the data disc inserted and not the play disc.
  2. You need to first remove the game from your shopping cart if you had it previously on.
  3. At the PlayStation Store you need to select "buy" but the game will appear as 0$.
But if it doesn't work, I suggest to contact the support directly ("contact us" button).
Hey, friend! Thanks for the answer!
I had already tried this before. But that's not my case.
I've been playing normally for over a year, until yesterday and I don't know why my free update became a trial version. It doesn't matter if the disc is in the console drive, the game launches as trial.
Your issue sound a lot like back end stuff. The technical forum is not an official channel to communicate with CDPR. It's right up there at the top of the forum page.

  • This subforum is not a channel of CD PROJEKT RED's Tech Support Team!
    If you need to contact our Tech Support Team, please visit the Official Tech Support Website

The technical forum is entirely community ran and I don't think you'll find your answer from the community. Your best bet is really by communicating with CDPR directly by clicking "contact us" on the page @LeKill3rFou gave you a link to.
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