Dear CDPR - Hey, wtf is this?? (Nvm, you're good. I retract my statement.)

So, last night i was scrolling through Youtube and came across this vid showing a really cool tank top for V. It's the Reinforced-Seam Cotton Rocker tank. I went to sleep very much looking forward to today when I would load up my game and run right to the butchered band to get my awesome new threads that I would sport while viciously murdering gonks.
Today, I booted up my game and made my way to my destination, found the site of the slaughter and went a'lootin'. However, to my utter disappointment I only found a Bra.

... A bra.

This is 2024 (and in the game it's 2077). Are we really not giving women the choice to decide for themselves if they want to wear a super cool tank top or a boring black bra... I reiterate: A bra.
It doesn't even say "Fuck" on it.

This is honestly, the first time I've been properly disappointed while playing this game. I also want a cool tank top.

Fix it. Please.

Thx, choom.


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There is a similar tank top found as loot and sold by numerous vendors, it's called the Fuck You Durable-Weave top and is available for female Vs too.
The wiki says the vendor in Arroyo sells it.
You are a true choom.
My googling skills seems to have failed me here.
Thank you so much for a helpful response. I retract my statement and have yet to be disappointed by the game.

I will now get to killing gonks in style.
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