Desires for the future.

Customize gun weapon paintjobs.

Customize cars paint and everything else.

add in radio guided missles to the arm like the nikita from metal gear solid.

add in smokable cigars, because i want V to be the biggest boss.

further body modifications, spikes horns etc ?

Also another Idea i had is remake in some fashion the snatcher game with help from hideo kojima using this games assests?
I think all those things you mentioned can be rather easily done by mods once we have the modding kit. There's cigar smoking and shot-drinking animations in the game, all it'll take is a modder tying them to an item (rather than a quest) to make it happen.
Yeah, I'm giving up hope on hoping but I'd like to see a crafting overhaul and more character customisation flexibility. Read clothing by design, barber/tattoo shops and better cyberware interactions/visual impact. Decorating your apartment, perhaps. Some perk rework.

Don't get me wrong... I think I can appreciate why we have the stock athletic V build but some character control (and I dare not say the N word) would be nice.
Multiplayer... And all the collaboration content that comes with that.

Seasonal events and gear... CyberStNick invades your DMs.

Dynamic in word events.

Umm...dynamic weather? It's not blade runner if it's not raining.

That is just off the top of my head.
Multiplayer... And all the collaboration content that comes with that.

Seasonal events and gear... CyberStNick invades your DMs.

Dynamic in word events.

Umm...dynamic weather? It's not blade runner if it's not raining.

Multiplayer? This is not that game... Like "family friendly", it isn't that game or story.... *ugh*

It rained for me quite a bit so I'm not understanding why people think its missing. I enjoyed those scenes. I don't think acid rain or the likes would be necessary, though.

I think the whole "interactive RPG with complex and meaningful NPC actions" that I was sold on has vanished and possibly for good. Oh, I shouldn't say that because its for the complete detriment of the game.
Loving the story, for future I want some DLC not directly related to any character but maybe after or before the main story, linking much more area to night city (yeah similar to Witcher's DLC where we get to explore more areas). I totally loved the story, how everything turned out. Only disappointment is playing as male V, Judy was very cold towards flirting. If you make future arc related to V, atleast some affection at least, although she is not into it. And obviously for future I will want more new guns, new devices to hack, and a lot more different vehicles.
Hi! It is my initial post here, so in the first place I would like to thank you for the game and all the hard work.

When it comes to suggestions, Night City is important part of the story, yet is hard to call it immersive. There a few propositions:

- More models for NPC characters of pedestrians. Individuals in Night City/CP are meant to be original, stylish and unique, while on the streets we see maybe a dozen of unique characters. Please, add some more pedestrians, at least give them random clothes.

- More vehicle models. You made a great job by designing vehicles for the Game, however as in case of pedestrians, we see very same models everywhere. We need at least five new models for each class.

- We saw metro and taxis in trailers. It would be cool to have it in actual game.

- Aside of usual issues with Police, it would be cool to make them patrol the streets in cars.

- More shops, service points, perhaps you can add barbers.

Thank you!
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Please CDP, zoom out the mini map when driving, it's litteraly driving me crazy.
God yes, this. So many times i've passed the destined road because I couldn't see on the map that we should take the next left or right turn.

Map needs to be zoomed out so i can see better when it's my time to go left or right.
After the game is fully fixed and finished:
- I am hoping for NCART to be back in the game one day as DLC - it is a must!
- Let us to access V's mansion and own it/purchase it or as reward!!! It's gorgeous :)
- Buy-able apartment in each district / also caravan in Badlands! Gamers want this in every game c'mon and at least some little customizable option day I'll wait :)
- City life DLC ( barbers, bars, restaurants with interaction -ability to sit down/eat/drink and which can actually give u boost before fight for example and etc )
- Shower naked! OMG what is wrong with that that it's being censored - it's normal thing no?
- Enable TV on without being forced to sit and watch - like radio does

at the end - I want to thanks for how stunning the game looks and wishing all developers big strength and lots of luck with fixing the game and bringing it to the state it was supposed to be. Don't read negative comments and stuck with what was officially promised. That's the only way I guess to get back on feet!
Don't rush it this time - I do have faith in you! Hope devs can see this...

All the best ;)
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