Did Judy just try to kill me? (3 year old spoilers)

I read somewhere that in the pen & paper Cyberpunk viewing a person's death in a braindance can stop your heart. Unfortunately I cannot cite original source; I've only seen it referenced. If I'm talking out of my ass let me know. But assuming this is true, wouldn't it follow:
  • Judy is an expert braindance editor, so she would definitely know if experiencing death in a braindance is dangerous.
  • From Judy's dialoque we know she absolutely does not want Evelyn to go through with the heist. She even calls Evelyn and V "walking, talking corpses".
  • From Clouds takeover failure, we know Judy is impulsive and cannot predict the consequences of her actions.
  • From the revenge assassination of Woodman we know Judy is not above premeditated murder. At least for Evelyn's sake.
So when Evelyn and V approach Judy for help with the Konpeki Plaza video, she plays the raw robbery braindance "tutorial" instead, zapping V with a surprise You Died experience without warning. This leaves V screaming and shaken, asking to stop, but alive.
So here's what I'm thinking, was Judy trying to kill V to prevent Evelyn from going through with the dangerous heist?
She doesn't even know who V is at this point, all she knows is that V is taking Evelyn away on a dangerous walking, talking corpse mission. This doesn't even feel terribly out of character, she probably could have used a more surefire way to fry V's brain but a shock from a rough braindance might have more plausible deniability. "Oops, your junkie merc flatlined, what a shame, guess no robbery for you."
So here's what I'm thinking, was Judy trying to kill V to prevent Evelyn from going through with the dangerous heist?
Nope, because at this moment she didn't even know it's about the Konpeki Plaza (nor the heist, nor even it coul dbe dangerous...). She does a reflexion abou it to Evelyn later, when Evelyn ask her to launch the Konpeki BD :)
Thanks to Evelyn who lie to everybody, even to her close friend :D

I think CDPR did it, to point out that with BDs you're able experiment all feelings/sensations, even death.

Edit : Just about "she's not above premeditated murder". Yes but quite the same as Panam with Nash, River with Harrys, Claire with Sampsom or maybe even V with Dex. I could be wrong (never tried to spare Woodman, I think he deserve to die^^), but he die only if V agree. She don't do it by herself :)
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This feels more like the pen & paper rule was not brought into this game.
- if the P&P rule existed in the video game, you'd think V would react strongly like, "OMG! You trying to kill me?!" Instead they react to it as a very intense and draining experience and do not reference the idea of BD first-person-death as a thing.
- this was made with the intention of experiencing a death experience.
- the Death's Head Moth XBD also provide's a personal-death-experience and we can safely assume that it is known for providing this, at least as part of the type of content Death's Head Moth offers.
- David Martinez experiences the death of the cyberpsycho

outside of that, I'd refer back to LeKill3rFou's commentary
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