Can you agree that Mr. Hands is the most evil and horrible character in Cyberpunk?

Not that Hands horrifies some ways I even like him. But...for the sake of fairness, I'll put my purely subjective view of this man "on the court of public opinion" )

It's time to voice our thoughts on Night City's main villain - Wade Bleecker aka Mr. Hands! Let's start the discussion with the intercepted correspondence between Hands and Lt. Col. Bennett on Hands' laptop in his office:




And some people believe that Mr. Hands is "just a fixer, just one of them"...

Ok, what do we see here?
1. Cynosure is one of the most secret projects of the NUSA and Militech (as well as Netwatch!), a project that is personally supervised by President Rosalind Myers and which is generally the key to the survival of the NUSA in the fight against "Arasaka" and their rival technologies (Relic\Soulkiller).
How many other fixers in the game are aware of the existence of this project?
Who are of these "fixers" and under what conditions they can access this level of information?
And how many of them will be left alive after, given Netwacht's methods of preventing information leaks (see the gig "Shot from both sides").
Not only does Hands have the necessary security clearance, but he also allows himself to operate on this information about the project in a conversation with a third party - in this case, Colonel Hansen's first deputy. Who can afford it?

I'll be brief here: Hands is not a fixer. It is impossible for a fixer to participate in a project of this level.

2. Hands knows the name and purpose of the Cynosure project. Concerned about maintaining the secrecy of the project. Aware of the existence of "underground bunkers". Is it logical to assume he knows everything else? - What exactly is the tech hidden underground, and what are the risks of trying to access it? I believe the answer is positive here.

Next: Message log from Shuttle 1 (probably Songbird's workstation).



What do we have here?
1. The FIA was interested in the attempted theft of Relic's chip even before the immediate events in Kompeki Plaza. So Mi lies to V when she says that he was chosen at random from all the mercenaries simply because his biochip was the only one she could connect with. It isn't true. The FIA had been watching V (as a carrier of the Relic chip) back in Night City, long before he showed up at the borders of Dogstown.
2. There was an FIA informant agent in the group that attacked the hotel. Who exactly? Assuming that the "employer" mentioned in the report is Evelyn Parker, we cross her off the list of suspects. (And there is no way an FIA agent could have acted as stupidly as she did). That leaves Dexter De Shawn, Jackie Wells, V and...T-Bug. Further, since the report refers to "two mercenaries who may have killed Saburo", Jackie and V are also off the table. Who's left? The sweet couple, Dexter and Bug.....
Dexter famously shot our favorite V in the head with a pistol - almost in the exact spot where the chip should have been. It is unlikely that an agent with an interest in Arasaki's chip would act so irresponsibly toward valuable corporate property. (Although, rabid fans of the game might remind me that Dex fired a small caliber pistol...but we'll see if that rings a bell :D )
3. (Of course, there's a spicy point here - if we talk about all the people involved in the hotel chip theft in one way or another, two more characters emerge - Yoko and .....Judy Alvarez). We'll talk about Yoko a little later, but here I suggest you evaluate for yourself the probability that Judy is an undercover FIA agent. :LOL: I wonder what kind of "double track braindance" she was recording underwater while swimming with V through the streets of her childhood village and what kind of equipment she was using.
And..Speaking of T-bug one more time... Here is the list of agents and employees killed or missing in action that Alex left in the boiler room under the Moth Bar: (Interestingly, Slider was apparently already involved with the FIA)

4. Thus, the FIA agent in V's team, "informant O-1257" was T-bug. It was from her that the agency has been monitoring the chip theft situation.
Not surprisingly, Hands calls V right after the police take Evelyn's Parker body from Judy Alvarez's house (or right after Judy - Judy again lol :LOL:!) likely signs the police report thus sending Evelyn's death details to the NCPD database. It is at this point that Hands calls V, and introduces himself as a "fixer" from Pacifica - he can't overlook V - the owner of Relic biochip now.

5. Naturally, the Night City police database is completely transparent to Hands. If we recall the situation when V takes Reed's side, and after the Firestarter mission begins to pursue the escaped So Mi, it is Hands who calls V and offers the services of his own netrunner, who specializes in hacking into police databases. In a strange coincidence, this netrunner is Yoko :)
Of course, I remember that V has other options here - Nix, Sandra Dorsett, etc., but if V accepts Hands' offer, the netrunner is Yoko ))
The same Yoko that T-Bug had sent V to before the heist in Kompeki-Plaza - supposedly to get to take an important netrunner's script (In fact, for Yoko to make personal contact with V - for backup).

It would seem that the above information is already sufficient to identify Mr. Hands as an important high-ranking officer of FIA, working under the cover of a "businessman and fixer", enjoying a very high level of personal protection,
hands security.png

very independent and virtually unaccountable to anyone in his activities. Hands is personally in charge of a very important operation - the elimination of Colonel Hansen. At the same time, he is guided in his activities by team ethics and collectivism - he helps his organization, no one in the FIA could accuse him of unprofessionalism or disloyalty.

DT Analysys.png

DT Analysys2.png

DT Analysys3.png

It's easy to see that most of the assignments and gigs Hands gives V are related to the Remnants of project Cynosure, Militech deserters, Bargest links to criminal underworld, covert Arasaka and Zetatech operations. Hands is disciplined.

Hands honestly serves the interests of the NUSA and Militech, he has achieved a great deal in the FIA and may even be the head of the organization, I wouldn't be surprised if in fact he is.

However, this is not the whole truth about Hands. His true colors and his deeds are much more horrible!

( A graphic depiction of how Hands makes V work for the FIA )), giving him tasks )


Here, within this topic, we will have to move gradually, step by step, calibrating our movements.
Mr. Hands is unique to the world of Night City. I know of no other character who uses a defense similar to his. Mr. Hands NEVER DOES ANYTHING WITH HIS OWN HANDS! And that's the main problem with any argument against Hands - he just leaves no trace.. He divides all his work between field agents and outside mercs. I guess that's why he got his nickname...
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Hanako Arasaka, surely. Deleted reasons why as I'm not sure the spoiler text function is working.
The amount of Human Traffickers, Serial Killers, Sadists and XBD producers alone would make this a huge no.... Just look at someone Like Jotaro and anyone he works with or who is like him. Hell Fingers and Forest are some pretty disgusting reprehensible people and they're tame compared to other monsters you can find in the world. And the Scavs Or Wraiths, are literally gangs filled with the worst of the worst.

Sure Hands isn't necessarily a "Good" person, but compared to the real sadists and monsters of this world He's definitely not the "Most Evil", Besides most of your "Evidence" of him being evil is based on you're assumption(granted a fair one) that he is working directly with/for the NUSA... but working with a government is no more evil in this world, than working for the darker sides of any major corp.
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I was going to contest this. But, as I organised my thoughts I realised I have so much headcannon for this game that I've lost the ability to separate a lot of it. So why argue? I will say that one of the things that chilled me the most is Padre's little speech when you have done his last contract. I was very glad that was a telephone conversation.
“I had four blak arrows under my belt, Four for the greefs that I have felt,Four for the nomber of ill menne That have opressid me now and then.
One is gone; one is wele sped; Old Apulyaird is ded.
One is for Maister Bennet Hatch,That burned Grimstone, walls and thatch.
One for Sir Oliver Oates,That cut Sir Harry Shelton’s throat.
Sir Daniel, ye shull have the fourt;We shall think it fair sport.
Ye shull each have your own part,A blak arrow in each blak heart.Get ye to your knees for to pray:Ye are ded theeves, by yea and nay!"

“Jon Amend-all of the Green Wood, And his jolly fellaweship.

I won't pretend to be an intellectual - I read the original of this piece in another language, I am not a native born English speaker, although I have studied it for quite some time. The poem quite accurately describes the following situation involving Mr.Hands - turning it upside down.

1. I'm only missing one "bit" of information to fully paint a picture of the horrible Mr. Hands. Hands must have scrubbed all the data from the Militech servers - naturally, by other people's hands. We don't know if Dr. Baehr, the FIA's staff physician - the one who treated So Mi - was accountable to Hands. However, I assume that Hands was well aware of the fact that one of the subjects from Cynosure project's was in a key position next to the President of the New United States, and of the desperate situation Songbird was in. All he had to do was simply "put the information on the edge of the table" - so that So Mi, acting outside the bounds of morality, raised in the toxic environment of the FIA, a broken, cowardly and deadly cyber witch desperately seeking a cure for her illness, could easily find it. Here is the frankly weak point of my concept. But I'm sure Hands simply "forgot to close the safe door" at the right moment, and Song got to the documentation of Neuromatrix she was interested in. Which led her to Militech's bunker, face to face with all her demons. And right above the bunker was Colonel Hansen's fortress...

2. So Mi is a ticking bomb. Hands doesn't care what happens if she loses control of the BlackWall demons in Dogstown. But he also doesn't care about another thing that many people overlook - President Rosalind Myers is also a ticking bomb.
Dogstown is overrun with FIA agents - in addition to the Three Friends, it's Farida, it's Ashley covering the tracks of a car break-in from Charon Exotic's service,


CIA clear logs.png

these are groups of FIA analysts scattered around the stadium and the Heavy Hearts Club,




surveillance agents, such as Ronald P. T. Malone,


and many others.
The FIA has cast a net over Hansen and his people. However, we know from Alex's words that the FIA is a bureaucratic monster. No one will do anything without drowning in paperwork and getting a clear order "from the top." That is, everyone sits in their seats and does their part of the job, making sure no one can tamper with them. And only in a single case this whole network of many people comes into motion - in the case of a signal "Code Red" - a direct threat to the life of the President... Here, even deep-covered, sleeper agents like Reed, thought to be dead, missing, are obliged to come to life and react to the situation. Obliged, even if they don't want to.
(We know, for example, that Reed works as a security guard at the Electric Orgasm bar, and can be seen there at certain times of day. However, if we get away from the conversation with So Mi and let Myers die - we find that Reed is nowhere to be found after the shuttle drops - Reed gets his instructions WITHOUT ANY FIA COIN and without the involvement of the mercenary V. Myers is just playing her games with V when she sends him out to find Reed...It's to get him in front of the agents for a visual and personal contact. Just as Hands, Alex and Reed later play their games with V - "Uh-oh, there's no way we can get into Black Sapphire without you. Go find a local fixer to help us get to Hansen's appointment." Yeah, yeah, any street guy. Call Rogue, for example-- in the context of covert FIA operation upcoming... Ask El Capitano..)

3. "Mr. Hands' Favorite Mercenary" is also a ticking bomb. Do I have to say something here? I don't think so.
V is fighting for his life, not realizing that he's been playing by someone else's rules since the beginning of the operation at Kompeki Plaza, that he's been long and tightly taken over by NUSA intelligence in order to gain access to a key Arasaka development. Desperate V with a shard of terrorist consciousness in his head, who incidentally knows how to handle nukes - this could prove useful )
"Great guys," Hands thinks, "They'll be just the thing to make the coffee even thicker."
Hands is playing his own game here again. His personal target is Hansen, not some biochip. V may die in action, the chip may go away. Actually, it's a misbehaviour, but unfortunately, I'm not the one who's gonna reprimand Hands.

4. And here comes the fourth arrow. Really, what do we know about the types of atomic fission engines used by the NUSAF , say Space Force One in particular? :) What additional modes of operation do Militech ships have?



Mr. Hands fires four arrows, all at the same target. Colonel Hansen. Violating regulations, withholding official information, sacrificing agents, jeopardizing the life of the President, the lives of the people of Dogstown...all the while acting with other people's hands, skillfully pitting people against each other (V, Dante Caruso and Bree Whitney), (V, Reed, So Mi)

Who can blame Hands afterward? No one. No matter what happens, Hands is always protected. Again, he's a unique villain in Night City-- he leaves no traces. And his level of combinations is beyond anything I've ever seen in a game. It's almost the perfect villain.

Moreover, paying attention to the fact that in Hands' office there is a mirror that is activated only by using the FIA facial implant, and it's been there for a long time, and it's obviously not just for V to admire himself as Aguilar - Mr. Hands always uses the facial implant. Always in face-to-face conversations with V and phone calls.

( Generally speaking, far more than that is possible in the future of cyberpunk. Just an example from another story: )

I'm afraid we've never even seen Hands' real face...
Hmmm, no, Hands isn't even close to earning that title.

That title belongs to Saburo Arasaka. The man played a pivotal role in turning this world into a corporate distopian nightmare and maintaining this world. Moreover, he will go to any length to stay alive and in power.

There is a metric shit ton of people that are way more evil and horrific than Hands.

Jiotaro, Forest, Fingers, Hansen, Adam Smasher, the whole Arasaka family... Hell, if even half of what we learn about Maelstrom is true, that's like 99% of them being more horrific people than Hands.

Hands isn't a good person but he doesn't even break top 10 most evil.
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Mr. Hands has his fingers in many pies, but he maintains a professional separation from all of them.

It's not that he doesn't care. It's that he can't let it lead back to him.

It might seem like apathy, but that would mean he wouldn't do anything at all. He manipulates and constantly mentions he has interests.

In either case, apathy on its own doesn't mean "evil".

Apathy towards others in combination with inflicting horrors on people is closer to an example of evil. There are several examples of such people, but none of them are Mr. Hands. Finn and Forrest top my list of examples. So Mi is up there, too, given all possibilities considered with her story, but compared to Forrest and Finn, the death she freely provides for her own benefit is the better alternative.
That title belongs to Saburo Arasaka. The man played a pivotal role in turning this world into a corporate distopian nightmare and maintaining this world. Moreover, he will go to any length to stay alive and in power.
Winner winner, chicken dinner!

We also would have accepted;
A) casually musing about nuking Night City
B) body snatching his own fluffing son
and finally...
C) making a screaming street prophet turn out to be 70% reasonable.
I would like to clarify one point here: in the world of Cyberpunk dystopia, in the world of the dark future, in general, everyone suffers. Even presidents, even heads of large corporations, even AIs, if we take into account that Alt Cunningham was kept in Mikoshi prison for a long time, and in general did not really want to become an AI in her time - she just had to. Even Mr. Blue-Eyed (presumably Richard Night) was either killed once, or disappeared, or was forced to become an AI too, i.e. also experienced some problems.
Everyone suffers - except for Mr. H. The latter enjoys his influence, enjoys power over people, and moreover enjoys complete freedom, since it is not known neither who he obeys, nor who sets tasks for him, nor where he gets his money from, etc.
Isn't this a crime against the lore and canon of Cyberpunk game? :)
Or do we unexpectedly get a character who is 100% integrated into a dystopian world, and for whom personally this world is not dystopian?
For Hands, it's a bright world full of hope and possibilities, I think. ))
So the motto of the game automatically gets a new formulation - not "Become a legend of Night City" and not to survive, but
"Be like Hands - independent, strong, smart and cunning!"

What, "don't leave the traces, manipulate others and you'll find hope, even where there is none"?

Congratulations, we all made a very important discovery together - we found a new ideal in the game.
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Mr. Hands is the hottest fixer, if a bit too much frigid. All that matters to from my perspective. :sneaky:
He's probably. But we also need to realize that one of the most dangerous things in Night City is the Cynosure Project, which is being used by the ambitious and overbearing NUSA President R. Myers. And Hands is the man who is helping her hide all the information about this project, sweep the dirt under the rug.

He's probably. But we also need to realize that one of the most dangerous things in Night City is the Cynosure Project, which is being used by the ambitious and overbearing NUSA President R. Myers. And Hands is the man who is helping her hide all the information about this project, sweep the dirt under the rug.
He may have some involvement with it. I take it for business as usual.
Did you know... V can end Myers if they so desire?

"Hey, hey, pipe down. Already got one holowhiner in my head, don't need another"

I was rolling on the floor watching this.

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