DLSS in inventory

Was wondering if it was possible to have dlss turn off when entering inventory, or whether that was something that is possible to be added as a choice in the options or potentially mod in future?
I love the performance boost it allows in gameplay and it's not super noticeable when just playing but in the inventory it is extremely obvious. Changing graphical settings is extremely fast and doesn't require a whole game relaunch so it seems like it wouldn't be impossible to implement a setting that can turn dlss off when entering the menus, though I would be happily be willing to wait a few seconds if that's what it took.

Wasn't really sure where to ask this so figured I'd try here:shrug:
Very good suggestion. The character in inventory screen with dlss is so fuzzy, it's just not enjoyable to look at.
Noticed as well that with DLSS set to "balanced" the character on the inventory screen is very blurry/pixelated. Seems to me DLSS should not really be needed to render one single character...? So disabling it in the menu should not be a problem (as long as the world isn't still rendered in the background that is).
Or at least implement it in some other way because it's MUCH more noticeable on the menu character than it is in the game world for some reason.
DLSS ultra perf have this problem too with three :

DLSS on quality :

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