Error Reporter not working and Red Launcher error

So I haven't really noticed this until recently when my game kept crashing right before the epilogue (when V tries to enter the well or cyberspace, it just leads to a black screen and then crashes) that my RED Engine Error Reporter no longer works which means I can no longer send or receive crash reports and find out why my game crashes. Attached are the errors I got from the event viewer. Someone, please help me; I have spent over 60 hours in just this one playthrough, and the ending not working is really ruining my mood, and I really want to know why my game is crashing.



  • Screenshot 2024-03-16 195056.png
    Screenshot 2024-03-16 195056.png
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  • Screenshot 2024-03-16 195106.png
    Screenshot 2024-03-16 195106.png
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    Screenshot 2024-03-16 195122.png
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