My game crashes after 5 minutes of playing with the error notice: Unhandled Exception

PC Specs:
RTX 4090
Intel 13900K
64 GB DDR5

Whenever I start my PC, I can open the game and can play it for about 5 minutes before it freezes for maybe a few milliseconds and then crashes. After those crashes, I can't open the game without it crashing immediately. Then suddenly it works again for 5 minutes. The Crash log says the error is an Unhandled exception. I'll attach the log file for more info on the crashes. What can I do to make it work?


  • Cyberpunk2077.exe-20231228-235452-12520-32880.txt
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  • report.txt
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You would be better off sending a support ticket TO CDPR's technical support. Go to the support section of the website and in many of the categories there will be a box under the information they give in which you can submit a support request.
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