Favorite DLC from any game?

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Blood and Wine by a mile!
2nd comes Hearts of Stone.

These expansions should always be inspiration! Used by studios wanting to add an expansion or expansions to their game.
oh that's hard.

I'd say (from the top/back? of my head)

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 - Yuris Revenge
StarCraft BroodWar
Neverwinter Nights Mask of the Betrayer
Mass Effect Shadow Broker
Worms Armageddon (it's hard to tell if this fits :D)
Mount&Blade Warband (does this count, I guess not?)

... maybe they're not dlc but more expansions though :x
Dragon Age ; Awakening
X-Wing ; B-Wing
Stellaris ; All of them
No Mans Sky ; All of them
C&C ; The Covert ops
C&C Tiberian Sun ; Firestorm
The Movies ; Stunts and Effects
Total Annihilation ; All of the free units and things they put up on the cavedog website.
Since Mass Effect, Borderlands, Bioshock and Fallout have all been mentioned already....

I'm gonna throw a few obscure ones out there that I've enjoyed very much

Alan Wake - American Nightmare
The Division - Survival / Underground
Metro Exodus - The Two Colonel's / Sam's Story
The Evil Within - The Assignment / The Consequence / The Executioner
The Surge - The Good The Bad and The Augmented
Resident Evil 7 - End of Zoe
Half Life 2 Episodes 1/2
XCOM 2 - War of The Chosen
Prey - Mooncrash​
Basically all decent story-expanding DLCs.

Blood and Wine obviously became the gold standard for DLCs for basically being a game itself.

A close second for me is actually Assassin's Creed: Origins Curse of the Pharaos DLC (other AC DLCs are rather sh*t though). Other than that, naturally the aforementioned DLCs from the Fallout, Batman and Borderlands games are also quite awesome.
The Pitt, Fallout 3
Dragon Age Awakening and Witch Hunt, Origins
The Shivering Isles, Oblivion
And honestly might sound crazy but... Dead Money from FNV (minus the collar)
Yup, Blood and Wine does come to mind. The value alone is insane and it was a perfect way to end the game.

I also loved "The Ballad of Gay Tony". Yusuf Amir is still one of my favorite characters in the entire GTA series.

Mass Effect 2/3
Dark Souls 3
Dragon Age: Origins (but not Golem di Amgarrak)
Skyrim (the vampires one)
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