Favourite music

I'm listen to Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, The Cult, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rolling Stones, Carrantuohill (bands from Poland playing music inspired by irish folk), Clannad, U2, Hunter (polish metal band) and many others
Industrial mixed in with other genres.Lot's of avante garde stuff but the other factor depends on the other mood I am in.
Linkin ParkCrossfade...found out about them just lately but grew to love em quickDrowning PoolDisturbedElektryczne Gitary....a polish band with a great dose of humour in their songsIRA anotha polish band....but let me tell ya ....they are the greatest!Timbaland and One Republic.....and last but not least Stone Sour and a few of Slipknot songsFav singers.....Chester Bennington from LP and Corey Taylor from Stone Sour! Check em out!
Favorite bandsViolent FemmesThe ClashIggy Pop/The StoogesNeil YoungMinistryalso listen to Blues, ReggeaSo it is far and wide
I listen to trance and sometimes also to clubhouse and some electronic.Favourite dj's are: AirbaseTiëstoFerry CorstenArmin van BuurenMenno de JongPaul Moelands (Re:Locate/Octagen)Leon BolierKimito LopezJonas SteurCliff Coenraad
30 Seconds to MarsA Perfect CircleApocalypticaAfter ForeverAmerican Head ChargeBad ReligionBlazing EternityBullet for my ValentineChaliceChildren of BodomComaCreedDry CellE NomineEpicaEvergreyExiliaFinnTrollGuano ApesHappysadHunterIraKillswitch EngageKoRnLacuna CoilLinkin ParkLoitumaManowarMeNoMinIMetallicaMoonspellŚcieżka dźwiękowa z Moulin RougePanic! At the DiscoScott StappSilentiumSlayerSweet NoiseSwitchfootSystem of a DownThe Vision BleakThe DistillersToolTraptWintersunWithin TemptationZmazaŻywiołak
I'm heavily into metal. Specifically black metal and death metal.Rotting Christ, Satan's Host, Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture, et cetera.
Pretty much anything metal. Listening to a lot of Darkest Hour, Light This City, In Flames, and Vader right now. ]:->
Well I usually listen to Different kinds of Metal mostly Gothic, Doom, Power, Prog,Folk and Symphonic.I also love classical music(that's why I love RPG music too) and Traditional Music from all over the world.Can't stand Pop or Nu-metal and not a big fan of the more extreme Black Metal and stuff like that.Some of my favorites include: Tristania, Battlelore, Garmarna,Epica,Nightwish, Kamelot, Leaves' Eyes, Subway to Sally,Franz Ferdinand, Teikoku Yousei,Sins for Thy Beloved, Arch Enemy, Theatre of Tragedy, Atrocity,Therion, bôa, Origa and Jeremy Soule(I know he's a composer and not an artist but still)Oh and I forgot to put Mozart there ;D.
Favorite music is somewhat easy. Rock. Followed by Metal. Followed by whatever else there is.Favorite group and or artist... Now that's hard.I can't say for sure who my favorite is, but as of late I've been listening to Sonata Arctica and Dragonforce a lot.Also listen to Thrice and some Hawk Nelson.But also recently I've been into the 80's musics. Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Scorpions, 38 Special, and bands of similar sound and experience.Gotta love the classics. =)
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