February Season has begun

While it is still cold outside (at least here in Poland), February is here to warm our hearts with a brand new Love Event and balance changes to our (not so) friendly witchers!

There are also some fresh Seasonal Modes for you to enjoy!

Read the full Patch Notes here: LINK

Seasonal Modes

Order in all things 07.02 - 14.02

At the start of the match, sort players' decks from highest to lowest provision.

Banished 14.02 - 21.02

After mulligan Banish both players' decks. Whenever a card appears in any deck, banish it.

Double Down 21.02 - 28.02

Whenever you play a unit from your hand, play a unit with the same Provision Cost from your deck. Your starting deck is doubled in size at the start of the match.

Patience is a virtue! 28.02 - 07.03

At the start of your turn, transform all cards in your hand into random ones that cost 1 provision more.

This season is planned to end on March 7th, 10:00 A.M. CET.
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