[Fix] cp2077 2.0 - game does not detect controller on PC

Started new game once i got a vehicle, switched to pc controller which does not function at all during any game play. So I saved and quit the game, then restarted the game back to the enter screen that goes into game menu, tried controller there and nothing. cp2077 2.0 is not detecting controller on pc! My controller is Razer wolverine tournament edition xbox version. My controller works fine in star field with keyboard and mouse.
That's weird, while you're having trouble getting the game to detect a controllers, many others are having trouble getting the game to not detect a controller.

Was it working before the patch?

Only way to officially report a bug is through here:

Can we exchange our installations? My game recognizes controller even though my laptop has never seen a controller.
with cdprojekt red help.

Steps taken to fix issue. in steam, cyberpunk properties, controller, click on generic controller then next screen scroll down and install xbox driver. Pc restarts and come back to same controller screen and select the correct controller. Don't forget to enable the controller on list below.
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