Spooky laughter in Dogtown - Update

I was doing some exploring in DT and in one of the buildings I heard some spooky mad laughter. It appeared to be coming from a closed-off area. After thoroughly exploring, leaving and returning, the laughing stopped.

I can't find any mention of this. Has anyone else heard it?
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At the DT Spa I first I dealt with the VDB side mission with the boss fight at the end (boss had a streength bar.) That may or may not be important.

I noticed a glass corridor to the next building that was blocked off. So I went to the front of the building and went in. There is some interesting info on Biotechnica's research there. There was a Cyberpsycho in there, perhaps that was the laughing. It sounded like it was coming from nextdoor though.


Finally I went nextdoor to the last building which was mostly locked but I could see lots of "game assets" through the door. That is unusual.


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