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Lately, I've been playing a bunch of Rage 2 and I think that Cyberpunk 2077 is obviously a more complex game but it should still borrow some things from it (if it hasn't already). My biggest complaint ever in Cyberpunk 2077 is the lack of a "flashlight". Ironically, Rage 2 nails this with little complication. The focus gauge, which is homologous to Kiroshi+Ping works as a flashlight when activated. I know Phantom Liberty is right around the corner, but there's got to be a way for them to squeeze something that works as local illumination for a flashlight in the game. . . I love playing in Night City at Night, but sometimes the dark would be more fun to play in with a FLASHLIGHT. PLEASE! LOL!
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Even to add to this, I'll say that I've used flash bangs, and electric grenades OFTEN as flashlights in tight corners at night. It's obviously not the intended or practical use of them, but such is the nature of working around problems.
I think a basic Kiroshi night vision toggle is something we've all wanted since the game was released, really bizarre something like that doesn't exist (yet?) c'mon, CDPR...
When I was a kid one of my favourite games was syndicate, it is a cyberpunk isometric 4 man (cyborg) squad where you have to complete missions like assassinations, which you get paid for and upgrade them to do better missions.
Dated now but still a great game. there is a spiritual successor called satellite reign on steam, not played it but I actually do own it.
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