Ghosting/smearing with path tracing + massive FPS drops when entering/exiting menus and photo mode

Not sure if these two issues are related, but they're bad enough that I'm probably going to go back to playing BG3 while waiting for future patches for Cyberpunk.

1. With Path Tracing enabled, there's a pronounced ghosting/smearing effect on objects in motion. It varies in intensity based on the lighting in the area, but at its worst, it looks like your black gun is leaving smoke trails as it moves around and highly animated NPCs can look like they have multiple ghostly arms waving around as they gesticulate. It also gives the entire game world a strange 'oil painting' kind of effect that makes it all look lightly hazy and undefined. At first I thought this was an issue with Ray Reconstruction or Frame Generation, but I tried dozens of different graphics option combinations and the ghosting only stopped when I turned off Path Tracing entirely. The ghosting does not occur when using regular Psycho ray tracing or with no ray tracing at all. Path Tracing and Ray Reconstruction look jaw-dropping in still screenshots but for actual gameplay the weird oily smearing is just too distracting.

2. Entering and exiting menus (especially the map) and photo mode absolutely tanks my framerate. I can be sprinting down a neon-lit rain-soaked street at night with a dozen enemies shooting at me, with Path Tracing enabled, and still be getting a perfectly playable 45+ FPS. But if I enter the menu - down to 5 FPS, sometimes for just a second, other times for close to ten seconds. Then it shoots up to 100+ as is normal in menus. But when I exit the menu, once again framerates are down in the single digits for a short while - making accessing menus during dangerous situations even more dangerous. This also happens with photo mode and even certain cutscenes. In the corpo introduction, for example, sitting down at the table with Jackie makes the game slow to a crawl for five or six seconds. The slowdowns are much briefer with regular ray-tracing instead of path tracing, and completely absent with ray-tracing completely disabled.

I'm actually getting headaches from the combination of the ghosting and the framerate drops. I had a better time during 1.0 when I was on a GTX 1070! I could just disable raytracing entirely and play the game with the exact same settings as before, on my new 4070 TI, but that seems a little silly to me. I'm hoping these are issues that can be solved in future updates.
I'm so glad I found this post as I thought I was the only one having this problem. The frame drops going in and out of the map is horrendous and makes the game unplayable for me. I am really hoping for a fix as I am playing with the exact same settings on the same machine I played this on when it came out and back then had no issues with frame drops.
I have the same problem with "opening UI cause frame-drop". I was able to replicate this problem: when you restart the game, the issue wasn't there immediately but when you go to inventory > crafting, the GPU utilization spikes up to 100% no matter the area and the problem persists until you restart the game. The problem also occurs after playing a period of time. Please fix this CDPR, this makes Cyberpunk unplayable because I open maps and inventory a lot!
2. Entering and exiting menus (especially the map) and photo mode absolutely tanks my framerate.
I mostly fixed this or at least made it a lot better for myself by switching AMD Simultaneous Multithreading to "On". Auto seems to give your CPU a break at times like entering menus which is good for temps I guess but I'm not struggling there.

Your mileage may vary obviously, but it's something to try. It's under the Gameplay>Performance section next to the HDD setting and requires a restart after.
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