Gig: Breaking News in Santo Domingo

While on this Gig, I was able to talk to Ted and continue with the mission normally. However, once I am in the location to place the tracker on the van, the latter is below street level.

Is there a way, I can solve this? I tried to load a past save, waited for more than 48 hours, and fast travelled to different locations.
Have you keep the save before starting the GIG ? (before talking to Ted)
I hope :)
So have you already try to enter for see the van before talking to Ted ?

I think you can see the van from the roof through the windows (near the access point). But I'm not sure if the van spawn after talking to Ted or if it is already here before. In my current playthrough this GIG is available, so I can take a look :)
Looked inside before speaking to Ted, but van was not there.

i have a save before the actual GiG, reloaded it but still the same.

Now I am going to try and do a different Gig before this one. BTW i am playing on latest patch on a PS4.
Ok, so at least continue to play on a save where the GIG is not "started".
And report it to CDPR Support, with screenshots and details, it's the best you can do in my opinion. No workaround, if reloading a save before starting the GIG (and from far enough) didn't fix it.
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