Global volume control for open world devices

Can you please add volume control/mute options for open world music...radios, speakers, etc. The music from these is much too loud and I don't enjoy most of the in game music. There is a mod that does this but I can't get it to work and this should really be an option in settings anyways.
Loud music is annoying. After finishing a mission I usually break every radio and speaker. Sometimes radios are usefull. You can lure perps towards them... and explode/sonic shock.
Someone said in some forum, can't remember where but probably on Steam, that you can shoot the speakers to make them stop. I have tried that and can't make them stop. Never thought about using quickhacks to make them explode, will have to try that. Although I imagine they respawn at some point and start up again. Still want an option to disable them all or at the very least turn the volume down on them to just a whisper.
You can shoot speakers, or even hit with melee weapons. Comrades Hammer is satisfying speaker silencer. Speakers dont explode, but radios and some electrical devices do. Havent done that for some time, hopefully I remember correctly. Hacking radios gives very strong sonic shock effect.
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