I don't personally have issues with the changes

I kinda like the fact I no longer have to complete missions in a given area just because that area is only place I don't get one shot.

I also love the phone UI, making it easy to connect with most recent messages.

Some stuff is certainly more fidgety than it was in 1.63. Some 2-3 old glitches resurfacing but nothing too major I've witnessed. And hacking seems slightly too weak, considering I have to now burn all my health too to take out enemies, HOWEVER I've not gone to ripper doc to update to tier 3 quickhacks, and I'm far from lategame, and stacking helps. Slightly too weak, like most mages in RPGs but I could imagine this gets balanced in lategame especially with proper items and sockets.

Now instead of each fight being cakewalk it feels like I really have to try in each and every fight scenarios, ESPECIALLY against cyberpsychos.

So in my opinion, don't touch hacking too much... but could make the builds a bit cheaper, maybe cutting 10-30% of costs from tier 1-3 or increasing credits from for example data-terminals by a whole 100%.
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I think biggest issue for me is that going anywhere close to enemies in hardest difficulty results in nearly instant death, so my only solution I could find is either using sniper by poking and retrieving quickly or grenades.

Trying to shoot with machine gun doesn't really work as I get likely more damaged than enemy.

Maybe it's my lack of armour or lack of health or that I don't have recoil suppression but picking up a gun and shooting doesn't really work, and I guess that's fine considering the difficulty, would be like complaining that it takes too much effort to kill enemies with Igni when you're pure melee build in death march.
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I've been playing on Very Hard Difficulty since the start. I'm only 5 hours in but I really like it.
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