I suddenly keep crashing when logging on

Everything was working fine then I took some time off to play Rust for a month, came back and I get this error.

Cyberpunk 2077 encountered an error caused by corrupted for incomplete game data and will not be forced to close.

I have verified all files on steam the integrity is fine, everything works fine until I hit continue I am hoping there is a work around without losing my current session I have over 500 hrs sunk in already. Thanks

PS atleast I get a thanks choomba when I send in the error report LOL
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I have uninstalled and reinstalled which worked fine for an hour then its back to doing the same thing...
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Same here. Just reinstalled the game after a few months. It crashes when i open. No idea why.
Go to localappdata and remove all redengine folders.

go to nvidia folder in same path and remove dxcache and glcache.

Reverify game files via steam/epic/gog.

Then try launching.
I'd also reinstall any of the Microsoft Redistributables that come with the installation package. And/or, install the "All-in-One" pack from Microsoft directly.

Also, mods. If using mods or if you've ever used any in the past, be sure that you've restored your installation and launch options to 100% vanilla.
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