[Idea] V for the Mayor!

If getting recognized by Arasaka is a problem, there's always plastic surgery. They don't know V's true identity.

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But he could have been a bit more paranoid. How can he be sure him and Jackie weren't identified somehow during the heist. And he keeps the same address?
Edit: in quests like The hunt or when we locate Eve we see how detective work can work in this universe, so V knowing how it works better than us should have been more careful
None of the gangs and their associates would vote or campaign for V for obvious explosive and painful reasons :LOL: As soon as V shows his face the negative propaganda machine would destroy him in no time and an Ai forcing V to win would make things worse.

....the writers at CDPR are amazing, but I feel like that story would be a nightmare to make interesting o_O
The Peralez side quest was probably the best side quest in the game. I wouldn't mind one bit seeing that expanded on. CP77 isn't a save the world type of game, but I'd welcome any new additional content, of course.

The quest is good because you aren't expecting it. You get the mission from Peralez and you don't really trust them at first. Then you find out what's going on and you are like "wow!" That's pretty creepy.

But then that interesting side quest just drops and they ghost you and that's all you get.
Well there is the ending voice mail you get from him; which seemed to imply there continuing the arc.
except no one knows who tf she is or where she came from, plus she's hiding from several factions in the game. something this dumb might suit the juvenile world of grand theft auto, or read dead redemption 2(or a 10th grader's dead wood fanfic) but not here i think
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