In my stash there is a Tab that reads "Enable Comparison". What does that do?

When I am in my stash closet viewing my weapons, a Tab appears that reads "Enable Comparison".
The title of that tab makes it sound like I can view a side-by-side display of one weapon compared to another.
But nothing happens when I click on the Enable Comparison tab.

Could someone explain how that tab works?
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If enabled, when you hover over an object, such as a weapon in your stash (or inventory), it will display the window with the item stats normally, but also one of the equipped weapon, to compare (if a weapon is equipped).
Thank you very much LeKill3rFou.
Your reply gave me the reason why I was not seeing a comparison of the stats of two weapons.

I was attempting to compare weapons in my inventory, and had not yet equipped a weapon.
As soon as I equipped a weapon the feature worked as expected.
Thank you!

Yeah, that tab comparison stopped working for me after 2.0 on a clean install, not a normal reinstall but a clean one recommended by CDPR.

The key works for stuff outside the game.
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