is cp2077 favoring firearm builds over katanas?

netrunner once leveled is actually crazy

Can confirm. Playing on VH I first thought it was the Skyrim "spells can't compete with weapons" problem all over again. Thinking "spells" or hacks in CP was just too fucking weak for VH difficulty. They actually are - in the beginning. Up to lvl7 or something I had to rely on stealth and weapons. However the power curve of hacking is great and it gets much better.

At lvl12 I didn't need to carry weapons any longer at all. For the rest of the game. As the perks, skills, new cyberdeck and spells come into play. Hacking becomes extremely strong, and extremely FUN!!!

You open with mass vulnerability breach. Then spam contagion, overload, and the burn. You can turn turrets friendly. Shut down all cameras. Make people kill themselves. Shut down cybernetics in enemies. Make them blind and unconscious.

Playing a Netrunner feels extremely weak early game (VH diff). But becomes an absolute monster mid-lategame. Being able to deal with anything. Most fun character I've played so far. Because you have so much agency over how you want to deal with an area. You can go full nuking-mayhem. You can go stealth. You don't need to kill anyone. Good against groups and single target. It's just overall so damn enjoyable.
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