Killing all NPCs outside Dogtown before Phantom Libery: Bricks the DLC?

Hello guys, in last few week I started a new run on patch 2.0 and then 2.01 wich bugged all Skill progession perks
So this morning I wanted to check if Dogtown gate is avaible even for who do not have the DLC Phantom Liberty like me.
Now, since i discovered the gate i decided to try killing some Barghest outside
And then i discovered they dont respawn..
So my question is... Since noone respawns, what happens if i buy the DLC and try to play it with my actual save?
Flatline? Savegame corrupted?
Cause it would be embarassing as usual..

Watch this video to better understand
Is not made my me. The guy who made it has the DLC enabled in game, but as what i'm afraid of seems like killing the enemies outside the gate just bricks the entire DLC

Edit: if you dont have the DLC like me, killing all the Barghest is much easier
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