Lizzy Wizzy braindance bug

I have just finished "You know my name" quest, did a car gig for "El Capitan" and got back to my apartment in Little China. I noticed that I got a BD from Alex (also how could she place it inside my apartment?) so I played it but got a text from her and opened it. Now I'm stucked.
None of the controls work except the F5 quicksave which says that I can't save right now.
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I didn't have this issue.
I'm playing from PC and was watching this braindance from my H10 Apartment
I confirm that this problem still exists with Patch 2.11... The weird part is that I have two characters already own this BD. The first is a Male Nomad wich can interact with the BD the other is a Female Corpro wich can't interact with the BD anywise. Both of them talks to Lizzie on the party and also own these special headgear from Lizzie and also both got the message from Alex and also both of them getting access to the BD with Patch 2.11.

Edit: Just for completeness both of them uses the Chimera Core as a decoration I've also tried to remove the Core... save/load in the hope the BD would work then but...:disapprove: NOPE! xD

(So in that case i don't think this is a bug caused by mods because if one of them could interact with the BD and the other not, with the same mods installed... well maybee the trigger point is buged?)


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