MA70 HB no longer proc's pyromania.

I haven't played in about a week but I was having a blast running around with the innately explosive LMG and the pyromania perk from the tech tree. Logging in today and It no longer proc's . My driving pistol that shoots explosive rounds does however still proc pyromania. It actually looks like the LMG no longer fires explosive rounds at all as swapping and using the arm cannon does not give the passive benefits of explosive damage or radius from pyromania(It does work for the pistol however). This was a super fun build I was about to show off on a stream but It no longer works that way sadly. Is this a bug or intended ?
Sorry, adding to this as it is most relevant to my question and I cannot make my own post. Are we getting another rebalance or rework for Pyromania by chance? Why does the MA70 HB not have explosive rounds? If it had explosive rounds again, what would be the hook to having it anymore? I fully invested into explosive damage from both cyberware and pyromania. Come to find out, that it doesn't even apply to explosive rounds or the launcher, and I don't even know if my cyberware boosts to explosion damage apply. I understand infinite grenades being nerfed (you can still spam the launcher all day with it weirdly) but is +25% damage to my LMG really that crazy when ricochet feels nuts in comparison. Then, there is the Iconic Firecracker mod, which has never worked for me since it was introduced, it does nothing when added to a weapon and applying this mod to something with explosive rounds actually removes the effect. I know when I had an Tier 3 version of the MA70, it did have explosive rounds, but when I attained a Tier 5 version it still said explosive, but had ricochet instead. If this hasn't been brought to your attention before now, I hope that it is something that is eventually worked on. I know you have a lot of other issues and I'm not sure if you consider this a priority, but if you have time, could you please respond to this when you have any information?
Yeah, since the MA70 can’t ricochet rounds, and now that it doesn’t proc Pyromania, it’s fallen pretty far behind the Defender b/c you can buff ricochet pretty hard.

I hope they let at least the Firecracker mod proc Pyromania. Firecracker just doesn’t seem to add much without it, which is a shame for an Iconic Mod.
They keep nerfing fun stuff instead of fixing bugged perks/cyberwares. LMG were not great in 2.0 but at least you could benefit Pyromania to balance the mediocre damages with tankiness, well now you still deal mediocre damage but on top of that you take shit ton off damage. There's still a shit ton of iconic pistols but just one iconic LMG.
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