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wonder why CD Projekt Red won't give Playstation5 Mods all I want is Call in Police car and patrol in Night city as Police Officer V :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::LOL:
It's not really so much "CDPR won't give mods to Console" and more, console modding is a bit more difficult to manage,

PC modding, you can download and edit files all you want, as long as your system can handle it and you know enough to follow the installation and use instructions properly its fine.

On console, you either need a Hacked/Jailbroken console just to get into modding, which causes issues, OR the Dev has to put official mod support into the game and add a menu/market into the game. What can complicate that is, the mods need to clear Xbox and Sony's rules, these rules involve everything from Nudity to level of Graphic violence, to Copyright, Trademarks and licensing, so what we see with Bethesda who to my knowledge is the only company currently with "Full Console Mod Support", is many mods are modified(Again) to conform to the rules so something like CBBE on fallout 4 which is one of the most popular mods, is available but as an altered version for console because of nudity, other mods just don't pass the screening and are only available for PC, some mods get posted but end up removed later on. ETC.... There is also the issue of adding the market for mods may result in paid mods which personally I don't hate assuming the majority of the money goes to the modder and not the dev, but it is a bit of a divisive issue, and I understand people not wanting to pay for mods.

So, what it comes down to is, does adding support to consoles help the game enough to be worth dealing with the Platform owners, and will the effort of dealing with each platform's individual moderation on top of your own screening process be worth the work/resources.

We've even seen a version of this issue pop up into a few games' official releases, "Marhta is Dead" had I think 2 scenes in game censored on PlayStation, but they are present in the Xbox and PC versions of the games because Sony would not certify the game for release on their platform with those scenes as is. And on top of all of this there is localization issues because each country has its own set of rules as well.
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