more bikes

there are a wide variety of vehicles in this wonderful game i've come to love. there sports car big truck and bigger trucks but there could be a little more. for instance, i think it would be kinda cool to get a supped cruiser/chopper bike for the street kid path. i just feel its kind of fitting. that why i would like to ask for more variety of bikes. to street bikes which we already have a big adventure bike and a cruiser/chopper. like a Harley. it may not happen and that's fine more is a option.
i wish there were more JDM cars aswell. I have always found it weird when there are 4 variants of the type-66, but only one muzutani.
This is a bit disappointing to me (motorcycles are big in Japanese cyberpunk); there's two types of Brennan Apollo just sitting there in the game but we're not allowed them for reasons. There's a really cool sports version and a Nomad type with the extra panniers, we can ride both for a brief time as they're just sitting there at some main quests/gigs but no keepsies.
while the type 66 has like 5 or 6 varients now with the 2.0 update. while i get that budget is a thing why is the type 66 the only car that has multiple different variants? i want like a harley in the game that you get through the street kid path. a car like the vato, and the nomad path already has a certain vehicle.
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