More work put into Creator please

I would like to see more lighter skintones added, probably could do with a few darker ones too I guess.

People come from all walks of life and we all have different skin so why can this not be reflected in a video game?

I want skin thats closer to that of your civilians or ingame people like Evelyn or Judy etc but instead the lightest tone I currently have is not this and has a tint to it, possibly yellow.

Then we have hair colour, as posted HERE I feel that the Blue hair colour specifically looks off in your creator currently and it was suggested that the editor has a tint applied which is what is causing these effects and I really don't want to create a character and start a new game to find its wrong and do it all over again. My character has the only true blue I could see as noted in the thread linked above. What I wanted was closer to this image.

Her skin colour actually works for my request too, I want something white like hers.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see some of my suggestions implemented soon.

jup i have the same problem: the skin tones range from Yellow to light brown, wich just isn't enough, i don't know how to make a good looking yellow character and honestly speaking i don't want to. especially in an RPG id wish for more options, generally speaking the options for character customization seem very limited.
It does seem limited thats true, which to me is fine if there was a way to then change appearance in the game via a ripper doc or whatever and then have access to something more indepth.

Just right now I dont like my character as much as I'd want to and I know we don't really see V but for photos I don't want to mess too much editing their skin because I shouldn't have to.
i get it, when cyberpunk was announced i really hoped to be able to finally make an Adeptus Mechanicus Techpriestress, like her:
Techpriestess Megan by MagosIlustrator.png

and well i can't because the cyberware you can get will always look, like some half fineshed butchery, whit metal sticking out your skin, i really wish we had completly invisibel augmentations and some wich are just complete metal, like the awesom yellow Militech arms they'd shown in one of the trailers.
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