Multiple problems (bugs) since 2.1 Update - game no longer playable.

Multiple problems (bugs) since 2.1 Update - game no longer playable.

Pointer/Cursor drifts (controller or mouse)
Can't open (interact menu missing) H10 Stash room
Inconsistent ability to 'INTERACT' with cars or bikes on street

As many others have mentioned, even the top graphics cards performance across the board is a lot lower than before this 'update' but those of us on a budget (I assume as is the 'CORPO' way) we're expected to upgrade basic computer hardware just to keep the old game working, without more than a few COMPLETE SYSTEM CRASH.

*and yes my video card (AMD) is up to date (drivers) and no i don't have any mods installed.

I feel like I was robbed of a game I've paid for and no longer works. Even if I ignore those issues when in free roam mode a game session rarely lasts more than ten minutes before a blue screen (complete system crash) that requires multiple reboots just to return and find problem remains consistent, and only for CP77 since update.

Would be nice (expected) that we could easily 'DOWNGRADE' to previous version until they find a way to fix their fix.

btw devs, disguising a teleport as a train isn't the same as having a working metro subway ... waste of resources
Even with the 'usual' post DLC issues (game crashing after completing So Mi missions) game was more than fine without it.
you messed up a good thing which makes the track record
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