Music art style suggestion and some cooperation philosophy

Personal preference
I think this could fit into an 80 philosophical syntheses, but see difficulties to syntheses the life experience Cyberpunk 2077 provides when you walk down the streets an absorb the cities colors and shapes, I mean the other already integrated ones are better and worse like this music in this cases.

Most associated themes are:
  • I like the syntheses of order and chaos, means the whole creation.
    • As such the music propose is to disrupt the shape of the city and its colors to drive you to the place of the music, escapism, or some kine of simulated-neo kitsch to build a sociological new hierarchy, based on philosophical order of the group, which is based on feelings or needs of missing elements to manifest an temporal equilibrium. Based on this you need clothes.
    • Equally I don't understand why we move the voodoo boys into cyberspace as already Maelstrom is moved into occult elements and connection into it too, basically the body sacrificing suggest even the natural strive to digitalise yourself with soulkiller.
    • For me this music is the acceptance of the general need for order but inability to accept the mode of operation it goes. to tame the stream the flow of the river. As such it is a rebellion.
  • Maelstrom is one element for association as it embraces the technological transformation as this musics does too.
    • I don't like Maelstrom as it breaks player beauty self understanding in sacrificing.
    • Its chaos or entropical aspect is to high for me.
  • I am somewhere between Chivalry code, Bushido to an European order of aesthetics in Paganism, Christianity is to tame for me, they are just idol worshiper. hypocrite an ideal, they aren't able to hold onto. to try is the betrayal of the group.
    • all christian cultural aspects are too subjugating and to unable for honesty and creates internal tensions in a group and doesn't work to infuse higher order in an entropical gang or group level of organisation, the main use is loyalty and hierarchy.
Just a "fast" write up to specify some interests of mine, I somehow see it interesting to create something European. I don't believe in the world revolution or radical open borders, this are just manipulations to redistribute wealth and subjugate the masses to an Darwinist approach of IQ selection. Redundant concepts are required to order masses in a new self understanding of cooperation. I see it inevitable that the undeveloped zones get developt min. to a level that they allow depletion of resources. To stable size elites against lower classes other goals have to considered priority. Total control and total enforced order are the most likely outcome, with freedom for few. To not support priorities is to give up the fight.
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