Need more perk points (atleast 10 to 15) for base game


What do you think CDPR should do

  • Reduce the attribute points to balance it out

  • Increase the Perk points because they are awesome developers

  • I like the current system

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While the previous skill system wasn't abysmal as most Ytbers said it, in my opinion it was average. It got the job done. Part of the reason is because the skill system was based on a solid foundation. And that could be summed up in a formula

Attribute points = 2 x perk points

It made sense, 50 attribute points and 90 or (for some people) 100 perk points. You could build and be very creative with it. Regardless of how crap the perks were it still worked, because of that solid, well made, efficient asf foundation.

Now after the update 2.0, In my opinion again, they did a fantastic job. You added quality to every fibre of that skill system. Good job guys. But where did you go wrong. Well !! you absolutely f****ed the one thing you weren't supposed to touch at all. You ruined the foundation of you skill system. You decreased the number of perk points.
Now it looks more like,
Attribute points = perk points + 10

You ruined it. My current build has 13 attribute points just sitting there not doing anything, and I only have 3 perk points to spare. And on top of that for PL you guys are giving us additional attribute points, PLEASE DONT, just give us perk points. These attribute points are more worthless than a third world country's currency (Cause I am from one and I know it)

Im not saying bring back the old system, but for the base game 10 to 20 additional perk points needs to be a requirement for any build to work at its maximum potential. Either that or just reduce the attribute points, because they are useless.
Some thing like this
Attribute points = 1.5 x or 1.4 x perk points

Let us discuss more on this, but please please like chooms, not gonks.
I do agree that the new balance of attributes to Perk Points feels kinda whack. When planning a character, I feel way more restricted by the amount of perks than the attributes. What's the point in being able to get stats so high if we lack the perks to actually utilize the things they unlock? It exacerbates the issue of builds feeling samey at low levels and makes getting to the new cap feel unrewarding since you're still scraping by then. Having 20 of the attainable points be locked behind skill progress and exploration doesn't help either. Tweaking it so that you start with a certain number of perk points (maybe 10?) or giving you two perk points per level until Level 10 or 15, similar to the old system, would help a lot.

Alternatively, CDPR could leave it up to the player and make it possible to somehow convert attribute points to perk points past level 50. Maybe a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 exchange rate? If they want to avoid players potentially borking themselves, they could make it possible to change your mind once after testing out the points from a given level to figure out what you'd prefer. The only other option I can think of would be to consolidate more perks into one or rework things to remove the requirement of spending 3 points to unlock the main ability of a tier. Change it so that the first point unlocks the ability and the following two upgrade it, reversing the current system. It's already frustrating to unlock a new level tier for stats to realize you need 3 perk points to get the main new goodies from it.

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No, this will change nothing. If two full trees of skills are now beyond worthless, there are in fact way too many perk points in this game.
Expecially since they have removed attribute requirements for cyberware and weapons, attributes are mostly useless and just there for unlocky flavour dialogue and perks.
If you're into stealth ranged combat, there is actually more points than you can spend :( Zero relic points of use for that, they are ALL for ' Going Loud '
I think V should get a few extra perk points when the game starts. 1 to 3 maybe.
Additionally give maybe 1 additional perk point every 10-15 levels.

As a compromise for those who prefer more attribute points, I'd suggest adding an option to spend an extra perk point per unused attribute point.
At any point, you could lock or unlock unspent attribute points to receive an extra perk. If one decides they need an extra attribute after all, they'd unassign the perk point, unlock the attribute point and increase an attribute. Spending attributes would remain permanent until you respec just as it is currently.
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