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Modding in the Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update

Modding the Next-Gen Update

With that out of the way, you're probably wondering "what does this mean for modding?". Well, in short, if you're currently playing through the game with mods, you should avoid updating until you're finished. This update has the potential to break some of your mods, especially script or character mods. CDPR have made an effort to test some of the most popular mods and you can see their compatibility results here. The good news is that the way mods are installed hasn't changed so once existing mods are updated they should be compatible again.

To that end, we've added two new tags for Witcher 3 "Next-Gen Update Compatible" and "Next-Gen Update Incompatible". You can help keep this information up to date by voting for the relevant tag on mods which do or do not work after the update. This option can be found underneath the images on a mod page.
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