Non-lethal options / weapons ?

f you dont head shot or maim them, then when they first go down they are still alive, if you want them dead you then have to finish them off - but they never get back up and are for all intents and purposes dead regardless of whether you finish them off or not. It only matters in missions like the cyberpsycho ones where the main goal is to incapacitate rather than kill.
I know that, just sayin it's a weird mechanic to pump them full of lead and their still breathing :shrug:
As far as I can tell there is absolutely no difference between lethal and non-lethal options in this game. The only quest in which it makes a difference is the one where you're hunting cyberpsychos. Other than that, killing every enemy you see or simply knocking them out doesn't seem to matter in any capacity. There is no karma, there is no reward for not killing. There is no punishment for killing. It's completely superficial except for one single quest.
...and if you use only non-lethal weapons during the monk's quest, you'll still get berated for "killing" everyone. The only choice is choking everyone from behind, so yeah, the "non-lethal" system is completely broken.
IIRC it is written on the weapon as to what type it is. e.g(power, tech, non-lethal )
Also, again iirc, some cyberware makes all ur weapons non-lethal, cant remember which one though.
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